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Use by vs best before dates: Do you know…

Knowing the difference between use by and best before dates is incredibly important. The best before dates appear on a wide range of frozen, dried, tinned and other foods.

best before dates

We’ve shared the video below from the Food Standards Agency incase you’re even a little unsure on the difference!

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Is vegan bread gluten free?

We’re frequently asked foodie questions, whether it be about baking the perfect bread or creating a cake masterpiece! But one of the questions we are familiar with is: Is vegan bread gluten free?

Vegan and gluten free bread

Is vegan bread gluten free?

The answer is… Just because it’s vegan doesn’t necessarily mean it is always 100% gluten free! However… There are many tricks and tips available when it comes to baking the perfect vegan and gluten free loaf!

We’ve crawled the internet with our tastebuds at the ready to find our favourite three recipes! So have a browse below, and let us know how your vegan and gluten free bread turns out!

Power bread from OneGreenPlanet.

Power Bread With Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds [Vegan, Gluten-Free]


If you’re fed up of looking for vegan/gluten free bread in your local supermarket, why not make your own every day loaf? Check out this every day vegan and gluten free bread from Sarah Bakes Gluten Free!

Is vegan bread gluten free Sarah Bakes

But don’t fret we’ve found another contender!

Vegan Richa’s vegan and gluten free bread will most definitely tickle your tastebuds!

But! Be warned… It may take you a while to prepare, so be sure to allow a full day of baking goodness.



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Have you seen the latest FoodAdvisr press?

We’ve been receiving a lot of attention recently, from a variety of press outlets covering all aspects of healthy eating. As you’re well aware, the FoodAdvisr app is essential for food allergy sufferers, however… The app goes way beyond food allergies! We have developed an application that takes food intolerances, nutritional values, lifestyle preferences and likes and dislikes into consideration. While many food allergy sufferers use FoodAdvisr as a way of checking products during their weekly shop, as well as scouting out the tastiest menus, FoodAdvisr is not limited to just allergies.

Want to know what people have been saying about us? View some of the latest news clippings below! But sure, to read the full articles, visit the Advisr Technologies website.

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We need to educate people on food allergies, not…

Food allergies: Include, not exclude

With the recent controversy surrounding Peter Rabbit, many of those who may never have discussed food allergies before are starting to discuss the topic. This is great in highlighting food allergies and their impact, but unfortunate that something negative is the sole reason why.

For those that haven’t read the news recently may not know why the children’s film is gaining so much attention, and it seems to be for all the wrong reasons. A particular scene shows Peter and his forest friends attacking their archnemesis, Mr. McGregor, by throwing blackberries at him. Mr McGregor then starts choking and has to use his epinephrine injector.

In fact, when many people discuss food allergies, their knowledge stops at epipens being an allergy sufferer’s lifesaver.

Educating young

While many may have watched Peter Rabbit without thinking anything unusual of the scene described above, those with food allergies are all too familiar with allergy bullying. And is depicting this in a children’s film really a sensible thing to do? Well of course not.

Instead, we must take the time to educate.

Understanding food allergies

If from a young age we were educated on different dietary needs, nutrition and the lifestyle choices of others we would have a greater understanding of the effects food can have.

Living with a food allergy, or an allergy of any type can be restricting and often stressful. It doesn’t always just impact the person with the allergy itself. While it may be tricky to dine out with friends when living with a food allergy or intolerance, the real responsibility lies with the restaurants themselves. These restaurants need to take greater care in understanding the seriousness of food allergies.

This goes beyond highlighting allergen information on menus, and includes serious precautions to avoid cross contamination.

If we aren’t starting by educating young, how will we ever overcome the stigma surrounding food allergies?


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Question! Can I use FoodAdvisr if I’m vegan?

And the answer is: Yes, of course.

The FoodAdvisr app isn’t limited to those with food allergies or intolerances, it can also be used to help you find dishes and menus that both highlight the ingredients you love and exclude those you’re not so fond of.

Our ‘Lifestyle’ settings allow users to decide for themselves, so you’ll always be in control. All you have to do is visit the profile carousel, select your preferred option and go!

Food scanning

We know that reading food product labels can be incredibly tiresome! We want to change that. 

When you’re carrying out your weekly shop, simply scan a product barcode and you’ll instantly receive all the information you need. So whether you’re excluding a certain food group (such as nuts!) or one specific ingredient, we’ll let you know an in instant if that ingredient is present.


Visit the App Store or Google Play today.


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5 healthy breakfast ideas to kickstart your day

We use Instagram for a different kind of stalking… Food! We’ve scouted the app for the tastiest, healthiest breakfast ideas to kickstart your day. Whether you’re a fan of fruit, avocado (who isn’t?!) or a good ol’ smoothie, we’ve got you covered. You can also follow us on Instagram for all the latest! Or head back to our blog for more treats.

And so, here are 5 healthy breakfast treats!

In at number one…

Avocado and beans on rye toast by @deliciouslyella

Avocado and beans on rye toast.

Number two!

Coconut water smoothie bowl by @niomismart

Coconut water smoothie bowl

In at number three…

Pecan and apple porridge oats by @madeleine_shaw_

pecan and apple porridge oats healthy breakfast ideas

Hello number four!

Nectarine pancakes by @carlyrowena

nectarine pancakes healthy breakfast ideas

And finally…

Poached eggs with broad beans by @ameliafreer

poached eggs with broad beans healthy breakfast ideas

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Managing your food allergies: Our recipe to succeed

Finding out you have a food allergy or intolerance can be incredibly daunting, leading to a variety of questions, although most frequently: Can I eat this?

Allergy UK is the leading national charity for people affected by food allergies in the UK, offering advice on all aspects of living with allergies.

Many allergy sufferers spend valuable time checking ingredients and packaging to ensure they are eating safely. But what if we had the answer?

FoodAdvisr is a consumer app targeting those with specific dietary requirements, when both eating at home and dining out. We also take your likes and dislikes into account, to ensure you are matched with meals and recipes that are tailored to you.

Cooking at home with allergies

When your dietary requirements are a little more complex, recipe books can be incredibly difficult to follow. Although most recipes can be adapted to suit your diet, knowing those substitutes and preparing for them when you get ready to cook a meal isn’t always easy. With FoodAdvisr, we offer you food inspiration at the click of a button, with all results unique to your profile. If you have a milk or egg allergy, it can be worth checking out some vegan recipes to give you even more food inspiration! Of course your profile can be changed at any time, simply toggle on and off your settings.

cooking at home food allergies FoodAdvisr

Eating out

Did you know 92% of those with a food allergy state that eating out is their biggest constraint? Dining out can be particularly daunting when your requirements are a little more than complex than just one food element! EU food allergy regulations mean that restaurants and other catering outlets must be able to provide allergen information – but who wants to flick through a huge booklet of ingredients when they’re supposed to be enjoying a meal out?

Simply check out menus on the FoodAdvisr app beforehand, avoiding that awkward encounter the next time you dine out.

dining out FoodAdvisr

Food scanning

FoodAdvisr also works as a barcode scanner, making your weekly shop so much simpler. All you have to do is set up your profile accordingly, pick up an item in store (or in your cupboard!) and scan the barcode. We stock information on thousands of products, to ensure you’re always eating safely.

Find out more

Who are behind FoodAdvisr?

Download FoodAdvisr on the App Store and Google Play and try it for yourself.


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3 Reasons to love FoodAdvisr.

So you’ve heard of this cool new app, you’ve downloaded it to your phone, but now what? Well, FoodAdvisr is easy to set up, easy to use and incredibly handy if you’re living with a food allergy.

But what does the app really do? Don’t fret, we’ve got all the answers (and more!).

1. Super easy shopping with our scanner

supermarket shelf

We hear many stories from users who previously have spent a good 15minutes of their shopping staring at the back of packaging for allergen information. Does it include nuts? Is it dairy free? The list could go on! With FoodAdvisr, all you have to do is scan the barcode, and we’ll tell you the rest. Of course, you’ll need to set up your profile first! But once that’s done, you’re ready to go. Simply set your allergens, intolerances, dislikes and likes and we’ll point out the positives. So if you’re looking for high fibre, high protein or low fat at the same time, we’ve got you covered.

2. Find food near you (and who doesn’t LOVE to find new places to eat?!)

Dining out FoodAdvisr

Not only are we your FoodAdvisr on your weekly shop, but you can also find a place to dine out or order in from too. Once your profile is set and ready to go you can quickly browse menus of restaurants and takeaways near you, so whatever you fancy to eat, we’ve got your back. Book a table straight from the app, browse their dishes or check ahead before visiting with friends, family, or even a hot date!

3. Feel safe with food

dining out FoodAdvisr

Whether you’re browsing menus to order in, checking food on your weekly shop or heading out for the evening, FoodAdvisr gives you that peace of mind. We take our information straight from the products and restaurants themselves, offering you an instant rating – so you’ll never have to awkwardly sit in a restaurant wondering ‘what can I eat?…’ ever again!

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Food safety: Local authorities to increase food allergy awareness

Food businesses and restaurant owners will have to be more vigilant than ever before as local authorities ramp up food safeguards and allergen protection for consumers, it has been reported.

It is hoped that the step-up in safety will allow for the delivery of a better system of control to ensure a higher level of confidence in UK food.

Currently, there are roughly two million people living with a diagnosed food allergy in the UK, 600,000 of whom are coeliac and intolerant to gluten. According to the director of policy at the Food Standards Agency (FSA), Steve Wearne, the only way to manage food allergy or intolerance is to observe a strict avoidance diet.

In March, the FSA said that it would not take its foot off the food safety accelerator and there were no plans to allow any sort of self-regulation of food businesses.

The FSA said that there was a need for increased attention around the control of allergens in food, calling for further research to be commissioned into the understanding, prevalence and characteristics of allergies in adults.

Chairwoman of the FSA, Heather Hancock, commented: “Our ambition in doing this is not to loosen the reins. This is about our ownership, maintenance and the driving forward of food standards and public protection.”

It is believed that additional research would help decide future science and policy priorities. According to the FSA, providing clearer and reliable allergy information about food allergies and intolerances to businesses and consumers was “critical” for public trust in food and preventing illnesses.

In 2016, one in four people suffered an allergic reaction while eating in a pub, even when protective measures were in place, like the Food Information Consumer regulations that were enforced in 2014.

Mr Wearne also said: “Access to allergen information is an important area of interest for allergic consumers; this covers what allergens are declared on prepacked foods and non-prepacked foods.”