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Dining out with FoodAdvisr

Dining out can prove a struggle when you have a food allergy, intolerance or live a particular lifestyle. But what about when your needs are more complex than one single exclusion? This is where your FoodAdvisr comes in. By simply setting up your profile we are able to match nearby restaurants directly to your needs. We even let you exclude certain foods simply out of preference too!

Dining out FoodAdvisr

But what does that mean?

It means you can wave goodbye to food anxiety. Whether you’re sat on the sofa unsure where to go, in town with friends looking for a place to eat or planning a date ahead, our Dine system gives you that peace of mind when dining out.

Eating out should be relaxing, not taxing

Giving you that peace of mind

Many of us will never know what it feels like to have to check every meal we even think about eating, read ingredients lists on a daily basis or simply ask servers for free-from options. As your personal FoodAdvisr, we give you that peace of mind when eating out, so get ready to say so long to “can I eat this?” and hello to variety!

The idea behind Dine

We’ve found that dining out is one of the biggest concerns of allergy and intolerance sufferers. Where going out for a meal should be fun and enjoyable, foodies continue to experience anxiety and often embarrassment when ordering. Many restaurants offer complex handbooks featuring allergen information, adding a level of stress to an experience that we feel should always remain relaxing, not taxing.

FoodAdvisr isn’t just a barcode scanner app; it is much more than that! With the ability to check restaurant menus and therefore the content of their dishes, dining out has never been made so easy.

How easy is it to set up your FoodAdvisr?

Setting up the app is easy, simply ‘toggle’ your allergens on and off and do the same for your exclusions and likes!

Can these settings be changed once they’ve been set?

Of course! All you have to do is go into your settings and adjust them accordingly. They’ll be updated instantly and used in all future scans and menu checks.

Is the app just for people with a food allergy?

Not necessarily! If there’s a certain food (Cashew nuts) or food group (such as all nuts) that you’d like to include, or exclude, you can add that into your profile and scan food/check menus for that too!

Does that mean I can use FoodAdvisr for friends and family?

Yes, definitely. You may be looking to dine out with a friend that is dairy free, gluten free or allergic to certain foods – all of these settings are available in your FoodAdvisr and can be edited when needed. That way you can check menus before deciding where to go!

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