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Whether you’re looking to spice up things in the kitchen or have friends over for dinner, FoodAdvisr gives you that peace of mind. You may have a friend visiting that is dairy free or has a nut allergy – simply adjust your settings accordingly and scan items already in your cupboard to ensure they are allergen safe.

FoodAdvisr makes cooking at home both fun and safe, whether it’s a children’s birthday party, dinner for two, dinner party or quick snack. Simply grab an item from your cupboard, set up your profile and scan! FoodAdvisr makes your weekly shop simple and fast, allowing you to scan products in seconds and compare ingredients against your unique needs.


FoodAdvisr food scanning

How easy is it to set up your FoodAdvisr?

Setting up the app is easily, simply ‘toggle’ your allergens on and off and do the same for your intolerances, exclusions and likes!

Can these settings be changed once they’ve been set?

Of course! All you have to do is go into your settings and adjust them accordingly. They’ll be updated instantly and used in all future scans and menu checks.

Is the app just for people with a food allergy?

Not necessarily! If there’s a certain food (Cashew nuts) or food group (such as all nuts) that you’d like to include, or exclude, you can add that into your profile and scan food/check menus for that too!

Does that mean I can use FoodAdvisr for friends and family?

Yes, definitely. You may have a friend coming over that is dairy free, gluten free or allergic to certain foods – all of these settings are available in your FoodAdvisr and can be edited when needed.

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