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We all have food we love and look out for!

FoodAdvisr lets you select individual foods you wish to highlight in your food scans and searches.

What food can you include?

The simple answer is; any and all.

How do you set your food likes?

It’s pretty simple. Head to your profile settings where you’ll see a thumbs up icon inside your profile settings carousel – from here, you can choose which ingredients you’d like to ‘like’, then simply save and you’re ready to go.

Once you have selected these, they are used by the app in EVERY product scan or menu browse that you do. And if you’d like to edit your likes at any time, simply complete these steps again!

What does the ‘Likes’ icon look like?

Like icon





Where will I see the ‘Likes’ icon?

Not only will you see this icon in your profile settings carousel, but it will also show up on menu browses and food scans. This lets you know that all those delicious ingredients you’ve specifically toggled to like are included!