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Struggling to find food inspiration? Bored of reading recipe books that don’t cater for two allergies? Two intolerances? Or simply include ingredients you don’t like?

Never find yourself restricted by recipes again with FoodAdvisr.

Maybe you’ve recently found out you have a food intolerance and have no idea where to start! Well, you’re not alone. With FoodAdvisr, we help our users to spice things up in the kitchen and cook according to their needs. So whether you’re dairy free, gluten free, or simple dislike certain ingredients, we’ve got you covered.

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But what does that mean?

Whether you’re living with an allergy/intolerance or simply cooking for someone who is, cooking at home has just got a lot easier. With our ‘scan’ feature you can take FoodAdvisr on your weekly shop, scanning food products as you go to ensure they’re safe. And then when you get home, find your cupboards a little muddled and want to be sure, simply scan items again! From here, using ‘meals’ will give you thousands of different recipes that are safe when matched against your individual needs. So you’ll never find yourself unsure what you can and cannot eat!

The idea behind Meals

We’ve found that recipes both in books and online are too restricting, especially when your allergies or intolerances can be very complex. With the help of Meals, we aim to take away that stress of finding something to cook at home, offering users thousands of recipes that have been tailored to your profile settings.

How easy is it to use Meals?

Incredibly easy. We take pride in finding you delicious recipes that are safe to eat, no matter how complex your dietary needs.

Does that mean I can use FoodAdvisr for friends and family?

Yes, definitely. You may be looking to cook a meal for a friend that is dairy free, gluten free or allergic to certain foods – all of these settings are available in your FoodAdvisr and can be edited when needed. That way you can check recipes and find something delicious to cook that’ll be allergen-safe!

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