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We’re frequently asked: Can I use FoodAdvisr if I don’t have a food allergy or intolerance?

And of course, the answer is YES.

Most of us probably don’t think too hard about what foods we’re eating. However, there is a massive trend in society to trying to eat healthier.

With FoodAdvisr you have the option to set your nutritional preferences to fit your unique needs. So whether you’re looking for low salt, high fibre or high protein, we take these settings into account for every food scan or menu browse you carry out.

Let us help you set up your nutrition!

Simply visit your profile settings, where you’ll find the profile carousel. Inside the carousel you’ll quickly spot an icon with the letter ‘n’ – This signifies nutrition and allows you to use the slider bars to edit your nutritional preferences.

You’ll see that the colours change as you adjust the amounts! We advise to keep in the green where you can!